16th Annual

Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trial

May 10–12  2019 in Hotchkiss, Colorado

Located one block from downtown, at East Hotchkiss Ave. & 2nd St.

Come witness one of the greatest and most dynamic partnerships in the animal kingdom: a dog, its handler, and their sheep. With just a few well timed whistles from its trusted handler the dog strategically approaches the flock, assumes control of the sheep, and completes the assigned task. Note that while these dogs are trained, the sheep are not!

Spectator Entry Fee:  Friday $4.00 (8AM start),  Saturday and Sunday $5.00 (7AM start)

Dogs on leash are welcome!

For you spectators, note that while your dogs are welcome, we ask that they remain on leash. For your enjoyment there will be a judged demonstration during the lunch breaks both Saturday and Sunday, time permitted. Our judge will take the microphone to explain what is happening, while pointing out the errors that occur during the run which result in point deductions.

So come by, sit a spell, and watch these world class athletes work their magic. Visit our participating vendors while enjoying the beauty that is the North Fork Valley in spring. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like this!

Mike Furcolow Memorial Silent Gather

Libby Nieder and Kit, Bill Wilder and Russell, Paul Bingham and Alex, Terri Daniel, Angela Akers and Cora, and judge Bill Orr.