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Announcing the 12th Annual
Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials

May 8, 9, 10, 2015 in Hotchkiss, Colorado

Richard oneNow is the time to start making plans to attend this years Trials Event.. We have been working all winter to make this years Trials one to remember. So make your plans and be ready to be amazed by the work of the partnerships of a dog and their handler. The Stock Dog Trials are conveniently located just one block from downtown Hotchkiss at East Hotchkiss Ave & 2nd Street

DougSheep shearing demonstrations will be held throughout the day on Saturday. There will be other weekend demonstrations, events and activities will be held in and around Hotchkiss to make your visit even more memorable check on the Chamber of Commerce link on the Area Amenities tab.

Also at the trials there will be a number of other demonstrations, as well as an assortment of very interesting merchandise and memorabilia from a variety of the many top notch vendors so you can take home a bit of Hotchkiss and the Stock Dog Trails experience with you. Now to satisfy the palette you will also have a great variety of delicious foods for you to choose from. All of the excellent chefs - vendors will be on site to make your dining experience the most palet pleasurable and convenient.

Now let's get back to the main attraction and the stars of this weekends experience.

The dog may be best known as 'man's best friend' but in this case they should be known as the 'PARTNER' to the Shepherd, Rancher and the 'GUIDE/GUARDIAN' to the stock that they are assigned. With just a few pats on the head, a bowl of water and food as their pay: they will work tirelessly from first light till well after dark. No other partner you will ever have will give you so much in return for just a simple 'GOOD DOG'!!!!

We invite you to be our GUEST and witness truly one of the greatest and most dynamic working partnerships.  A DOG, A HANDLER and the STOCK (in this case the SHEEP).  With just a few well timed whistles - the dog takes charge of the sheep and completes the assigned task.  It is important to note that the dogs are trained but the sheep are not!!

The dog approaches the assigned flock takes charge and for the most part trains these free rein sheep to be --- well --- 'just sheep'.  As you will see in a very short order the dog communicates the How, What, When and Where to the sheep without saying a word.

Working the SheepSo come by and sit a spell and watch these world class athletes work their magic. We guarantee you'll have a big "O" smile on, in no time at all!!!!

Spectators Entry Fee to the Trials: Friday $4.00 runs start at 8:00 AM, Saturday and Sunday $5.00 runs start at 7:00 AM end times vary each day depending on number of dogs in each class.

Don't miss this event - (time permitting) - During the break for lunch on Saturday and Sunday we will have a judged demonstration for the spectators benefit and enlightenment. Our judge will take the microphone to explain what is happening and point out the errors during the Run which result in point reductions. Great insight into the skill set and expertise of the HANDLERS and the DOGS... The course layout drawing is on the right side of this page. Click on the General Information tab the 'Trials Information' for detailed information.

Click on this link to view the 2013 Trials Video
Video on UTUBE by Debbie Laity

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"DID YOU SEE THAT!" will be the call to action at this years' Trials.

So mark your calendar May 8, 9, 10, 2015 and make this your annual trek to the

Our Guests
We'll See You in Hotchkiss

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2015 Trials Judge: Bill Orr:

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