Announcing the 13th Annual Hotchkiss Sheep Camp Stock Dog Trials

May 6, 7, 8, 2016 in Hotchkiss, Colorado

The Stock Dog Trials are conveniently located just one block from downtown Hotchkiss at East Hotchkiss Ave & 2nd Street.

Now let's get to the main attraction and the stars of this weekends experience. The dog may be best known as 'Our best friend' but in this case they should be known as the 'PARTNER' to the Shepherd, Rancher and the 'GUIDE/GUARDIAN' to the stock that they are assigned. With just a few pats on the head, a bowl of water and food as their pay: they will work tirelessly from first light till well after dark. No other partner you will ever have will give you so much in return for just a simple 'GOOD DOG'!!!!

We invite you to be our GUEST and witness truly one of the greatest and most dynamic working partnerships.  A DOG, A HANDLER and the STOCK (in this case the SHEEP).  With just a few well timed whistles - the dog takes charge of the sheep and completes the assigned task.  It is important to note that the dogs are trained but the sheep are not!!

The dog approaches the assigned flock takes charge and for the most part trains these free rein sheep to be --- well --- 'just sheep'.  As you will see in a very short order the dog communicates the How, What, When and Where to the sheep without saying a word.

So come by and sit a spell and watch these world class athletes work their magic. We guarantee you'll have a big "O" smile on, in no time at all!!!!



Wilda Bahr has been trialing Border Collies for more than 20 years. She has qualified for the National Finals many times and was in the top 20 in the nation with her old dog Mirk. She has finished in the top at Soldier Hollow, Lacamas, and Top of the Hill. She has also served as District 1 Director on the United States Border Collie Handlers Association for 2 terms. Wilda has been judging USBCHA sanctioned trials for 10 years and has judged Big Willow, Trailing of the Sheep, Cottage Grove, Fire Ridge and many local trials. Pine Valley, California, a small town 60 miles east of San Diego, is home for Wilda where she trains Border Collies and gives private lessons.

Spectators Entry Fee to the Trials: Friday $4.00 runs start at 8:00 AM, Saturday and Sunday $5.00 runs start at 7:00 AM. 

Don't miss this event -
During the break for lunch on Saturday and Sunday we will have a judged demonstration for the spectators benefit and enlightenment. Our judge will take the microphone to explain what is happening and point out the errors during the Run which result in point reductions. Great insight into the internal working of the Trials...

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